February 25, 2007

Ozzy Osbourne: 1st of April 1986

Ozzy live at the Kemper Arena, Kansas City on the support tour for "Ultimate Sin".
This is a King Biscuit Flower Hour recording featuring Jake E Lee on the lead guitar. Good sound, a couple of Sabbath classics and as always a great performance from Mr. Osbourne.
A must-have!

Sound Quality: 9


1. Bark At The Moon
2. Shot In The Dark
3. I Don´t Know
4. Killer Of Giants
5. Thank God For The Bomb
6. Flying High Again
7. The Ultimate Sin
8. Paranoid
9. Iron Man
10. Crazy Train



Into the void said...

really cool post man.i was at that concert,and if you have ever seen ozzy you know he puts on a really long concert.this was only part of the concert that night.i dont know why king biscuit does that.i love there recordings.have so since i was a young one.many many full moons ago.lol.anyway,Jake E Lee and ozzy were waisted that night.jake had a bottle of turkey and crown royal that both ozzy and him were drinking out of.i was Flying High myself,over all this was a killer show.like with all ozzy concerts you get your money worth and alot more..thanks for this post.i have another ozzy kbfh show,i will be posting it soon on my blog.also wanted to give a you a big thanks on posting my link.i will have your link up very soon on my blog too.your doing a great job.

into the void


AtticRock said...

hi, i never saw Ozzy (unfortunately he never came to Portugal) but i have a VHS tape from this tour you might know called "the Ultimate Ozzy" and it sure rocks!
Thanks for the compliments, you have great music in your blog so its natural to have you on my linklist :)
I will be looking forward to that other Ozzy show!

Anonymous said...

hi atticrock! do you have cover artwork from that one, too? it´s a fantastic boot! i love it!

AtticRock said...

Sorry, i don't have covers for this one.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I love this blog!
Really appreciate this one.
Thanks forever. Rock rules.
Regards from Brazil.

Unknown said...

This shows reads like quite an experience! Please repost if you are able. Thanks!