February 27, 2007

AC/DC: 16th, October 1979

AC/DC live recorded in Towson, Maryland on the "Highway To Hell" tour.
Featuring Bon Scott this was originally released on a double vinyl known as "Living In Hell", the sound was captured from a radio broadcast.

Sound Quality: 8.5

1. live wire
2. shot down in flames
3. hell ain't a bad place to be
4. sin city
5. problem child
6. bad boy boogie
7. the jack
8. highway to hell
9. high voltage
10. whole lotta rosie
11. rocker
12. if you want blood
13. let there be rock



Anonymous said...

Mr. AtticRock.. MARAVILHOSO POST !! FANTÁSTICO !!! BOM GOSTO EXCELENTE !! AcDc é mais que um clássico..
Vc teria Status Quo, Marillion, Rush ??? Grande abraço

AtticRock said...

Obrigado pelos cumprimentos Loyola.
Rush e Marillion talvez dentro de 1/2 semanas estejam por aqui :)

spock_wall said...

otimo post, seu blog é maravilhoso, parabens e continue sempre assim. com esse otimos post. vc tem como arrumar bootlegs do Led Zeppelin pois eu pegava no blog hammer of gods, mais não tem mais , obrigado por enquanto.....


AtticRock said...

Olá spock_wall
Led Zeppelin sendo para mim a melhor banda de sempre da história do Rock irá com certeza aparecer por aqui.
O maior problema é saber o que postar. eles têm tantos boots :)
E não é muito dificil de encontrar por exemplo em sites especializados como o Traders Den ou o Boot City.

Anonymous said...

please MrAtticRock,
I have the SAME problems as with the ZZTop files,
would you fix it in the same way?
Thanx a lot
God (the God of RnR) bless ya

AtticRock said...

I'll try to find the time but no promises, the priority is to upload new things.

Anonymous said...

but PLEASE try to do it
keep on rockin'...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I was at this show. Pat Travers opened up for them. I was sitting in the 5th row. So cool to hear the exact show I was at. And to think it's been almost 30 years.......wow!

AtticRock said...

Wow, what a great memory to have, seeing AC/DC with Bon Scott!
I only saw them once, about 10 years ago with Brian Johnson of course but still a great concert too.

Andy said...

Thanks very much.My sister was in Perth the other day and sent me a shot of his grave. Touching.

AtticRock said...

Hi Andy, just read on wiki that the place where his grave stands has become a cultural landmark in Australia.
He was really much too young to die.

Ron said...

Wow, fucking ace this !
Thanks a lot !

D Grundman said...

Hi amigo, the link to the 79 Towson Maryland show (last on the AC/DC page) is dead/gone, can you reload? Oh, your only Boston show from your site the FLAC link is dead. Thanks dude, for going to all the trouble for this. I hope you realize that what your doing here Attic is far greater than what is percieved by the masses (especially the fucking hella evil record companies and their lawyer lapdogs). Your preserving ONCE IN A LIFETIME, gone forever performances that are IMHO as precious as the most valuable gemstones, and your no different nor less important, in fact MORESO than any rock/music historians. What you've go here is far more valuable than even the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, IMHO. I will never understand why a record company or trust holder would try and stop ANY bootleg recording(s) or live broadcast thats not available for sale, how do they justify theyre loosing $$$? If anything, historically, they're MAKING money because these performances absolutely motivate folks into purchasing the studio albums, and most people prefer the clearer studio recordings to live any day.

So, even though you can't make a living doing this Attic, try if you can to remember your importance, and sacrifice. Your a man who is unselfishly taken the reigns of rock music historian, and are preserving one of the most precious treasures in the history of mankind (corny sounding, but oh so true!).

By sincerest and kindest regards and respect . . .

AtticRock said...

I was glad to read your words although I believe your appreciation is far more than deserved to be honest.
The tapers that shared their recordings in the first place are the real heroes in this story.
I just share some of the music according to my personal tastes.