May 6, 2018

The Doobie Brothers - Oakland Coliseum, 1978

The Doobie Brothers at the Oakland Coliseum, this recording has a varied setlist mixing some rockers with other pop oriented tracks.
The album Minute by Minute was released by the end of this year (1978) achieving great success in terms of sales.

Sound Quality: 9.5-

Source: Pre-FM/FM

Track List:
01.  Jesus Is Just Alright
02.  Long Train Runnin'
03.  Sweet Maxine
04.  It Keeps You Runnin'
05.  Echoes Of Love
06.  Neal's Fandango
07.  What A Fool Believes
08.  Disciple
09.  Take Me In Your Arms
10.  Don't Stop To Watch The Wheels
11.  Steamer Lane Breakdown
12.  China Grove


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Thank you for the Doobies!