May 8, 2018

REUP Rippin Frog May 2018 edition

Lightning Hopkins 

Live 1981 

The Last Concert Ever!!!

John Lee Hooker Live

with the Coast to Coast blues Band

 1979-04-04 Colden NY 



muddyw123 said...

Thank you Rippin Frog.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten an error on opening the .rar for Lightning Hopkins Live 1981 The Last Concert Ever!!! twice. Can you re-post the re-up and acknowledge when you do? Thank you.

Rippin Frog said...

HMMM I just dwl the Hopkins one here
twice and both files extracted just fine...
so other than Jdonwloader didnt auto extract it I dont see any problems with it
and next time pls put a nick or something or I will not bother answering !