April 29, 2015

Janis Joplin Get It While You Can Honolulu 1970-07-08

The one and only!

Janis Joplin and the Full Tilt Boogie Band
Mega-rare restored first-edition vinyl "Get It While You Can", Honolulu International Center Arena, 1970 -07-08 RAW SOUNDBOARD FABULOUS RECORDING retracked and rejoined.
What you have in your hot little hands is the original edition of "Get It While You Can", which was pressed on yellow vinyl a very long time ago.

I have the more recent reissue which runs a poor second on quality, and does nothing for listener. You have a great sounding Janis at top form to listen to, a rowdy audience, PLUS Mr. Asshole Announcer (who hasn't a clue of how to deal with them). It's simply great.

This is a raw soundboard, you can feel the room shake if you turn it up loud enough. I had a decision to make, either to lose a little bass and kill the hum in the recording, or to let it stand. I've chosen to let it stand, I simply don't think it's intrusive enough to mess with. The tracks have been repositioned to make the modern listening experience a bit better:
A Doinker Tape


Intro/Tell Me Mama
Half Moon
Move Over
Short Jams and Conversation
Band Intros and Conversation
Get It While You Can
Time Keeps Moving On
Asshole Announcer and Conversation
Piece Of My Heart/Outro

Part 1  Part 2
ZIPPY    Gamefront

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