March 9, 2018

Johnny Winter - Chicago, IL 1970

Guitar lovers, this is for all of you.
Around 60 minutes of never-ending and fantastic soloing by two giants of the matter: Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer.
This recording in Chicago previously available unofficially on a release called White Lightning is shared here from a better source and extra time comparably.

Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
1. Guess I'll Go Away
2. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
3. Rock'n'roll Hoochie Koo
4. It's My Own Fault
5. Highway 61 Revisited
6. Johnny B. Goode
7. Mean Town Blues
8. Walking Blues
9. Mean Town Blues



Pig Street! said...

Thanks for all you do! Love me some Johnny!

drogos said...

Waow what a gift. So good time for Johnny. Many thanks for sharing and congratulations for the job you do to keep your blog alive.
Best regards,

waldyr said...

Hi Attic Rock
Great Post
I was searching for this a long time
Keep on Rockin´

Anonymous said...

thanks again for your work , much appreciated
Jean Luc from France

propylaen2001 said...

Many thanks! has the date as 17 September 1970 and the following lineup:
Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer, Randy Jo Hobbs, Bobby Caldwell

zeppelin59 said...

Do you have any lineage on these shows?

AtticRock said...

You can read the info for this show here: