May 30, 2008

Status Quo - Paris Theater London 1973

Due to popular demand we have the Quo aboard again:)
Another high quality show, this comes from the BBC transcription disc and was recorded after the release of Piledriver.
This is also known as It Was Just A Good Name And One That We All Liked.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Pre-FM Tape

Track List:
1 Junior's Wailing
2 Someone's Learning
3 In My Chair
4 Railroad
5 Don't Waste My Time
6 Paper Plane
7 Roadhouse Blues
8 Bye Bye Johnny

Files removed because this was released officially (October 2010).


Anonymous said...

When you mentioned a 73 Quo upload I had a feeling it would be this one. I would have posted it myself - it's excellent - but didn't because it has been officially released.

Anonymous said...

Just double checked - it's not available yet:

AtticRock said...

Well, I didn´t knew that...
I guess I'll leave it here til it gets released.

Richard said...

This I like...

Thanks. :-)

Anonymous said...

See you in court...
F. Rossi

Lodger said...

Another great surprise from Attic Rock's vaults !
Many thanks... which also go to Titus for the previous concert.
The old rockers are alive and well !
Cheers !!

Anonymous said...

I have 60+ Quo gigs from 60's to present.

Anonymous said...

That I would love to have m8 any chance of a selection to look at

Luis Rush said...

Hello guy!
Im a brazilian rocker and I need to say to you: this blog is fantastic!! Really excellent!!
I know many blogs around the world, but this is special because you help us when mention the score about each material posted, because sometimes we spent time with a specific download and the audio is terrible a lot!!
Many thanks!
Luis "Rush" Camelo