October 15, 2013

Ellen Foley - Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1980

Ellen Foley is an American singer and actress that became famous with the duet with Meat Loaf on the single "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" of the million selling album Bat out of Hell.
Ellen also sang with Blue Öyster Cult (Mirrors), The Clash (Hitsville UK) and many others.
Her first solo album "Nightout" released in 1979 led her to a world tour and this concert in Amsterdam on February 14, 1980 at the Koninklijk Theater Carréon was part of it.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01. Intro
02. Hideaway
03. What's a Matter Baby
04. Stupid Girl
05. Night Out
06. Beat of a Broken Heart
07. Ghost of a Chance
08. Ligntnin' Strikes
09. The Hit Parade
10. Heaven Can Wait
11. Mystery Dance
12. Young Lust
13. We Belong To The Night



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Downloads are not working yet ; I'll try tomorrow morning.

Anyhow, loved her solo album and guess I will enjoy this concert, sooner or later.

Derek from Paris

Anonymous said...

Sadly, whoever recorded this left the needle level way over in the red, so it sounds distorted and overmodulated.

But it's a great concert, and I love Ellen, who has begun recording again. She was great in "Hair" and the tv show "Night Court". Her first LP is still my favorite, and Hunter and Ronson make it all work great.

Thank you, I know of no other live material from Ellen!!

Johnno from NJ