November 11, 2019

Michael Schenker Group - Nagoya, Japan 1981

Michael Schenker Group playing at Nagoyashi-Kokaido in Nagoya from the same tour that gave us the magnific double live One Night at Budokan recorded two nights earlier.
It's an excellent audience recording made by the famous Mr. Peach, this version released under the name The Descendant of God.
We have here the complete August 14 show including the full introduction clip from Apocalypse Now as well as the full drum solo from Cozy Powell.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Audience

Track List:
Disc 1
01.  Intro
02.  Armed And Ready
03.  Cry For The Nations
04.  Attack Of The Mad Axeman
05.  But I Want More
06.  Victim of Illusion
07.  Band Introductions
08.  Into The Arena
09.  On And On
10.  Never Trust A Stranger
11.  Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
12.  Tales Of Mystery

Disc 2
01.  633 Squadron (Cozy Powell)
02.  Drum Solo (Cozy Powell)
03.  1812 Overture (Cozy Powell)
04.  Courvoisier Concerto
05.  Lost Horizons
06.  Doctor Doctor
07.  Are You Ready To Rock
08.  Ending Announcement 1
09.  Ending Announcement 2
10.  SE / Last MC - Fade Out

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2

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