August 29, 2016

Kim Simmonds - Live Salt Lake City

Kim Simmonds 

Live Salt Lake City 
KRZL 91FM Broadcast
No definite date for this great live set!
But I believe it is fairly recent 

01 - Where Ya Gonna Run.mp3
02 - Got a Good Friend.mp3
03 - Bad Shape Baby.mp3
04 - Wang Dang Doodle.mp3
05 - Boogie Chillin.mp3
06 - Tired of Being a Fool.mp3
07 - Plug For 91FM.mp3
08 - Plug For KRCL.mp3
09 - Street Corner Talkin.mp3



Tinman said...

Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown are synonymous. I've been following Kim since I first heard "Train to Nowhere" from the "Blue Matter album in 1968 or so. That album convinced me to go back in time and get the previous albums as well. Simmonds is one of a half dozen white blues guitarists that is just amazing to hear and see live whenever possible. The old studio albums like "Looking In" show you some of the depth of the highly talented musician. Simmonds just keeps getting better.

Anonymous said...

This is a recording from 1999/2000 with Nathaniel Peterson on Bass and Vocals

Anonymous said...

LOL....!! That's not even Kim on the cover......

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Kim Simmonds nowadays looks like this .....

Rippin Frog said...

i guess the cover IS right
we all getting older like it or not LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like he put on a few pounds. Wow....