August 19, 2016

Eric Quincy Tate - Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1973

Eric Quincy Tate is a Southern Rock band that played regularly in Texas, got signed to Capricorn Records but wasn't as successful as some others we know so well.
Fortunately they left us some good recordings to prove their music is top quality, performed with extended jams and long guitar solos.
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Sound Quality: 9+

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
1 Funky Instrumental
2 Season of the Witch
3 Honky Tonk Man -No Rollin´ Boogie
4 Brown Sugar
5 Things (I think I´ll find)

Listen two tracks here



Mystere2 said...

Atlanta Hippie Band not Texas. check

Anonymous said...

9* quality makes me downloading this... Honestly, I must admit I never heard about this band. But if Soundaboard says it's good, well then, I follow...

Thanks for sharing,
Listening right now, top quality indeed,

Derek from Paris,

Unknown said...

The date for this is April 22, 1973 at the University of Alabama Spring Rave-Up held in the Woods Quad.