August 3, 2016

Gary Moore - Garden Party, Milton Keynes 1986

Gary Moore, one of the best rock guitar players of all time, played on Saturday 28th June 1986 at the Milton Keynes Bowl on an event called Welcome to The Garden Party which had Marillion has headliners and guests Magnum, Mamas Boys and Jethro Tull.
This is the part that was broadcast by the Radio station.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
1.Murder in the Skies
2.Wild Frontier
3.So Far Away
4.Empty Rooms
5.All Messed Up
6.Rockin' Every Night
7.Wishing Well
8.The Loner

Preview here



Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this one ! My evening will be dedicated to Gary Moore.
Do you think you might offer the full evening to the internet. If I remember well, I have the Marillion concert somewhere in my files... But the Magnum or the Jethro Tull (I love this band) sets might be a good surprise.


Thank you very much for sharing this one !!!

Derek from Paris

AtticRock said...

This is what I have from Gary's set, the Jethro Tull show was posted here 9 years ago! The link is offline but I can reupload if you want.

Anonymous said...

Well I found back the Jethro Tull set in my hard drive telling me I burnt it to a cd in 2009. Well alright then... for me. See if anyone else is interested.

But who's gonna find the Magnum set then :) ?

Thanks for being there in the internet sphere,

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the killer GM tunz