March 24, 2013

Igor Prado Band & Lynwood Slim with Junior Watson, Bharath Rajakumar - Live At KUCI RAdio 88.9

More blues aboard brought by our bluesman partner: the rippin' frog.

Igor Prado Band & Lynwood Slim with Junior Watson, Bharath Rajakumar
Live At KUCI RAdio 88.9 FM

Lynwood Slim & The Igor Prado Band "Brazilian Kicks" .... 1 month on the Living Blues Radio Chart graced the stage backed by an all-star band that included Junior Watson on guitar, Bharath Rajakumar on harmonica on KUCI RAdio 88.9 FM, streaming live on the internet.

California native Lynwood Slim with the premier jump blues outfit, the Igor Prado Band from Brazil, for a surprisingly tasteful and swingin’ set of music featuring the smoldering guitar acrobatics of left-handed, upside-down guitarist Igor Prado. The resulting album is a tantalizing cocktail blend of American roots music. Hand-shaken and served straight up sound.
Despite playing the role of perennial sideman, often in fine bands that left much to be desired in the visibility department, Mike "Junior" Watson was, and is, one of the most influential blues guitarists of his generation. In fact, following Robben Ford's defection into fusion, Watson was rivaled only by Hollywood Fats as king of the hill in California, and by Jimmie Vaughan anywhere else.
Drawn by hi time machine, Montreal native, Bharath Rajakumar stay the course stuffed with blues and boogie-woogie. For The Amateurs of blues of the 50s, the table is beautiful and well put ...  
Considered by many critics for blues and his peers as one of our greatest harmonica players in Canada.



Anonymous said...

Great. RIP Lynwood Slim.


Rippin Frog said...

new link Igor Prado Band and Lynwood Slim

Unknown said...

Thank you for re-uploading this - greatly appreciated! ☺