May 11, 2007

Jethro Tull: Milton Keynes Bowl 1986

I know there are many Tull fans around so here's another great recording of them this time live at the Milton Keynes Bowl, UK, were they appeared as special guests and Marillion were the headliners. This was a broadcast by the BBC in 1986 and rebroadcast some years later.
It's only about 40 minutes of music but very worth.
Sound Quality: 9

Track list:
1. Intro>Locomotive Breath>Hunting Girl
2. Living in the Past
3. Serenade to a Cuckoo
4. Fly By Night
5. Pussy Willow
6. Thick as a Brick
7. Aqualung


Covers here (no pass)


Knoxx said...

Great!! Thank you very much :)

Susan said...

Thanks for another great Jethro !!!

mark mccarroll said...

tull as special quest??!

AtticRock said...

Exactly, check here:

Anonymous said...

i was at this show. they were amazing.the line up was brilliant but gary moore struggled to follow Tull. Marillion however stole the day.End of an era this show soon fell out with his band mates and it was all over.i can't stand them now.

Simon said...

I also was at this two main memories being coming over a rise in the ground to be welcomed by Tull unexpectedly and that the Marillion fans knew every word. I went not really caring one way or another about them. Came away a massive fan. thanks for the great post