July 13, 2013

Nightcats - Piazza Blues Fest

And here we have another one kindly shared by The Rippin Frog.

The Nightcats are a jump Blues band led by Little Charlie, also known 
as Charlie Baty. Baty was born in Alabama in 1953. Other members of
the band include Rick Estrin, J. Hansen and Lorenzo Farrell.

Charles Baty (born 1953) was attending University of California Berkeley and studying mathematics when he formed Little Charlie & the Nightcats with Rick Estrin (born 1949) in 1976. The band’s music relies chiefy on electric urban blues of the Chicago variety, but mixed in with other compatible styles, including early rock and roll, soul, surf music, swing, jump blues, and western swing. The Nightcats issued their debut album, All the Way Crazy, in 1987, including the songs “Poor Tarzan”, “Suicide Blues” and “When Girls Do It”. 
The following album Disturbing the Peace (1988), included “That’s My Girl”, “My Money’s Green”, “She’s Talking” and “Nervous”. The records help established them on the blues festival and club circuits, and they began touring the country extensively, playing a number of international venues. They have played at the San Francisco Blues Festival in 1980 and 1982, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the San Diego, California Street Scene and Seattle’s Bumbershoot Festival plus the Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival in 2002. 
The band had a few people on Bass and Drums thrue the years until Charlie decided not to tour anymore. His unique guitar style and their always full of humor lyrics made this band a one of a kind west coast swing/jump Blues.

Charles Baty  Guitar
Rick Estrin,   harmonicist/lead vocal
Lorenzo Farrell  bass
J. Hansen   drums


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