May 24, 2012

Savoy Brown - Seattle Center Arena (1972)

Time for Savoy Brown, for the first time here this blues-rock band from London that has a long career and has had plenty of musicians through the years.
This radio recording made on the Seattle Center Arena is from March 10, 1972 only a month after the release of Hellbound Train, an album that got to the U.S. Top 40 chart.
These days they are still doing their business, led by Kim Simmonds, guitarist and founder.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Going Down
02 - Let It Rock
03 - Hellbound Train
04 - Tell Mama
05 - All I Can Do
06 - Shake It Baby
07 - Wang Dang Doodle



zowie said...


Cameleone Rock said...

Hello friend! How are you guy?

I saw them, or better, I saw him (Kim) and company, here, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I need to say to you.. he continues FANTASTIC !!!
The band is great too.

Thank you for share this historic document with us.


wcpaeb said...

Thanks for the FLAC.
This was the 9th incarnation of Savoy Brown.

Kim Simmonds lead guitar
Paul Raymond keyboard, guitar
Andy Sylvester bass
Dave Bidwell drums
Dave Walker vocals

Anonymous said...

Wow..! A nice Savoy Brown show that I have not heard! Thanks for the lossless.

becks dark said...

Thank you and thank you

MarcC said...

Just to clarify - this show was in the Paramount Northwest (date is correct) and the opening acts were Long John Baldry and Fleetwood Mac (Bob Welch, Danny Kirwan, John, Mick, Christine)! The Fleetwood Mac portion is available also - WHAT AN AWESOME SHOW IT WAS! Let me know if you want the FM portion.

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Wow.. A Savoy Brown show I haven't heard before .. COOL! Especially the early 70's one, which I like as much as the Youlden/Lonesome Dave one..
This probably will sound a lot like Relix's central PArk one too, which I first obtained fron the original Rellix record company right when it came out. Also a great recording..
If you get a chance to see Kim and crew play , even now, I can't recommend it enough. He has simply gotten better and better. The best show I ever got to see was when sitting on the bins out front , 2 feet from Kim. Great view, and Dave Walker had just rejoined the band also. Just great! THX!