December 30, 2011

Kings of Convenience - Live - Grieghallen, Bergen, 2004

Another one by our friend Karooo, this time from Norway: Kings of Convenience.

They are live in their home town "Bergen", in Norway. All the songs are in English, but all the band's chatter is in Norwegian.

The sound quality is perfect (probably grabed from a Live Radio Show). They are a blend of Simon & Garfunkell, and Belle & Sebastian, both play guitar.

Kings of Convenience (Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe), Indie pop, Indi folk

Live - Grieghallen, Bergen, 16 October 2004 (Den Elleville Festen IV)
57,4 minutes
MP3 @128kbps (sorry, wish I could find it at 320kbps, or Flac).

Song List:

1. Until You Understand
2. Love Is No Big Truth
3. Cayman Islands
4. I don't know what I can save you from
5. Gold in the air of summer
6. Singing Softly To Me / The Girl From Back Then
7. Homesick
8. Toxic Girl
9. Stay Out Of Trouble
10. Misread
11. I'd Rather Dance With You



Anonymous said...

This is outstanding! Thank you.


Daniel said...

I have 5 other ones (one has Feist singing in a couple of songs).

All have grreat sound. Should I post them?

Daniel said...
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Anonymous said...

Link is dead

AtticRock said...

This was shared by Karooo, i don't have the files to reupload.