August 2, 2020

Peter Green Splinter Group - Ventura, CA 1998-09-05

In memory of Peter Green, an artist whose work was an important influence for so many, he passed away last July 25.
There files were sent here by Vinegar Joe from a recording made by OldNeumanntapr.
Thank you both!

Peter Green Splinter Group
The Majestic Ventura Theater
Ventura, CA
September 5, 1998

Peter Green - guitars, vocals, harp
Nigel Watson - guitar & vocals
Larry Tolfree - drums
Peter Stroud - bass
Roger Cotton - keyboards

Disc 1
01 Introductions (Michelle Reynolds & Mick Fleetwood)
02 It Takes Time
03 Homework
04 Black Magic Woman
05 Indians
06 Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
07 Dark End Of The Street
08 Rattlesnake Shake
09 The Supernatural
10 Shake Your Hips

Disc 2 
01 Traveling Riverside Blues
02 Steady Rollin' Man
03 The Stumble
04 Tina
05 Band Introductions
06 Albatross
07 Green Manalishi
08 Going Down
09 Help Me
10 Look On Yonder Wall


Anonymous said...

I really like it when people come together and share opinions.

Great site, keep it up!

Rippin Frog' stuff said...

thnks !! didnt have this one yet!

Muddy said...

Set list? Sound quality? How does it compare to the show from June 28, 1998 in Germany that you posted a while ago? Regardless, listening to Peter Green is always good.

AtticRock said...

I just added the setlist.
This is a very good audience recording with the vocals sounding a little distant.
I can't compare since I haven't heard the Germany show, it was posted by Rippin' Frog and I didn't download it.