May 7, 2014

Def Leppard - Reading Festival 1980

Classic eighties Heavy Metal with Def Leppard, one of the top bands from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.
They played the 1980 edition of the Reading Festival on Sunday 24th August before Whitesnake and after Slade that replaced Ozzy Osbourne's Blizzard Of Oz (thanks for the correction on this Steve).

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
01 - Satellite
02 - When The Walls Came Tumbling Down
03 - Medicine Man
04 - The Ouverture
05 - Lady Strange
06 - Getcha Rocks Off



Anonymous said...

thanks! Early Def Leppard was the best!

Steve said...

Just to correct the information for this one. Blizzard of OZZ did not play and were replaced at the last minute by Slade, who stole the day easily. I was there and have to say that although ok Def Leppard were a bit of a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

That was the Leppard appearance where Joe Ellitot took a full beer can, right in the nuts, in mid song.

Joe said that they didn't really stand a chance, following Slade, who every Brit had loved like they are members of the family, since we were wee bairns, watching them on TOTP.

BTW.. this isn't the full set, there is an audience version that contains the full set.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this in mp3 format and it was the same size as the flac file. was their a mixup?

slade over def leppard, never! even if I'm not that big of a leppard fan, slade only had 1 or 2 good songs!

AtticRock said...

The links are ok, the mp3 has 60.26 MB and the flac 194.83 MB...

musicmaven69 said...

FYI, both links are now unavailable.

Anonymous said...

both links are now unavailable.