August 3, 2011

Boston - Agora Ballroom, Cleveland 1976

Today we have Boston in Cleveland, Ohio at the Agora Ballroom with a gig recorded on 1976-09-27.
This was just a month after releasing their highly successful first album.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Pre-FM

Track List:
01 - Rock & Roll Band
02 - Help Me Shattered Images
03 - Peace Of Mind
04 - Something About You
05 - A Man I'll Never Be
06 - Smokin'
07 - Foreplay
08 - Long Time
09 - Don't Be Afraid
10 - More Than A Feeling
11 - Television Politician



Nobes said...

Thanks so much for this!!

Luis Cameleone Rush said...

Hello my friend! How are you guy?

This link is dead, could you repost please ?

Many thanks!

AtticRock said...

Hey Luis, Boston up again!

Mikey said...

Boston gone again! Can you repost? Thanks! Mike

AtticRock said...

Okay Mikey, you can grab it now!

musicmaven69 said...

...and it is gone again! If you repost, I thank you in advance. As always, LOVE your blog site, absolutely outstanding.

AtticRock said...

Boston up!

el_hulk said...

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Mémoire du Parc Lescure said...

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AtticRock said...

Boston '76 links are ok now!

Anonymous said...

Correct title of track 2 is "Shattered Images," an unreleased song that the band played on the first tour. It's almost always mis-titled as "Help Me" in boots, and even showed up that way on the label when it was tacked on as an 'extra' in the quickly-yanked Sony remaster of "Don't Look Back" several years ago. Tom Scholz himself noted the error in that case.

AtticRock said...

Ok, thanks for reporting.

Anonymous said...

Alas, the links are dead. Please re-up as this is your only Boston set, and it contains unreleased songs Shattered Images and Television Politician.

Anonymous said...

Figured I should grab this before it gets taken again thanks in advance

Wail Voor said...

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