March 18, 2010

Whitesnake - Alkamar 1978

Some very early Whitesnake, on the Northwinds tour, with a gig regarded as their first outside the UK, at the Alkmaar Pop 78 Festival. Holland on June 1978.
Tracks 9 to 13 have worst quality and are from Rafters, Manchester March, 1978.

Sound Quality: 8.5

Source: FM broadcast/Audience

Track List:

01 - Lady Luck
02 - Come On
03 - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
04 - Micky Moody Solo
05 - Steal Away
06 - Mistreated
07 - Belgian Tom's Hat Trick
08 - Lady Double Dealer
09 - Lady
10 - Breakdown
11 - Applause
12 - Rock Me Baby
13 - Going Down

SHN pt 1
SHN pt 2



Anonymous said...

Love the Whitesnake. Thanks for posting.

jorgogi said...

thx for the up.
I have to listen that "mistreated" ;)

Alyn Smith said...

Thank you! Great to hear Whitesnake in their very earliest form, I saw them on this tour in Basingstoke and will never forget it...of course wonderful times were ahead in the next few years, but this was special. Coverdale at his rawest. My quest is to find a good recording of the BBC In Concert that was recorded at this time, the one I have is very low quality...thanks again for this..great show :-)