July 2, 2009

Dan Baird - The Lone Star Roadhouse (1993)

This recording is from a broadcast of Dan Baird at the The Lone Star Roadhouse in New York.
Dan was a member of the Georgia Satellites until 1990, then he left to pursuit a solo career. His first album was Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired released in 1992, it included the hit I Love You Period which he plays here amongst other songs, including some from the Georgia Satellites.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 - The One I Am
02 - Keep Your Hands To Yourself
03 - Julie & Lucky
04 - Look At What You Started
05 - Six Years Gone
06 - Dixie Beauxderaunt
07 - Lost Highway
08 - All Over But The Cryin'
09 - Knocked Up
10 - I Love You Period
11 - Seriously Gone


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