May 23, 2019

Groundhogs - Munich, Germany 1986

Another share made possible by Vinegar Joe who sent us the files, and also a first time here for The Groundhogs.
A fine audience recording in a small venue in Munich on 1986-12-02.

1st Set:
101. …Express Man (fades in)
102. Strange Town
103. No More Doggin’
104. 3744 James Road
105. I Want You To Love Me
106. Excentric Man
107. Garden
108. Crossroads

2nd Set:
201. Groundhog Blues
202. Split #1
203. Soldier
204. Split #4
205. Me And The Devil
206. Mistreated
207. Light My Light
208. Split #2

209. Cherry Red
210. Jenny Jenny

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


Matches said...

I've been listening to the GH since the 70's, really look forward to this live set.

Piledriver said...

Hi there - is there any chance of an MP3 upload please? Thanks in advance.

Grum said...

The Groundhogs! Excellent! Thanks very much.