July 3, 2017

JJ Cale - High Sierra Music Festival, Leland Meadows, CA 1993

The great J J Cale and excellent accompanying band during the third edition of the High Sierra Music Festival on 4th of July 1993.
This eclectic festival is held each year around the weekend of July 4 and includes musical genres such as bluegrass, roots rock, electronica, reggae, jazz, etc.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: Soundaboard

Track List:
01 Ride Me High
02 Call Me the Breeze
03 Hard Times
04 River Boat Song
05 Take Your Hands Off Her
06 Tijuana
07 Humdinger
08 Cajun Moon
09 After Midnight
10 Sensitive Kind
11 Crazy Mama
12 Roll On
13 Borrowed Time
14 Road to Shambalaya
15 Same Old Blues
16 Cocaine
17 Magnolia

FLAC pt1
FLAC pt2


Didier Leman said...

Mmmh, never heard this concert and with a 9.5 sound quality, a definite must. Look at the setlist. Waouw !!!

Great thanks for sharing,

Derek from Paris

spunkie said...

Great show Great post Thank you

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately links are not working (flac and mp3). Downloading starts but only up to approx 25 kB.

stephen bedalov said...

I got the whole show and listen to it now~~

stephen bedalov said...

Mine worked ok and listen to it now