March 15, 2017

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Worpswede, Germany 2014-05-07

Kenny Wayne Shepherd 


Worpswede, Germany
Music Hall

 Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Noah Hunt - Tony Franklin - Chris Layton
 1 Never Looking Back (Shepherd, Selby, Sillers)
02 Everything Is Broken (Bob Dylan)
03 Butterfly (Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Zac Maloy)
04 The House Is Rocking (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Doyle Bramhall)
05 Nevermind (Shepherd, Selby, Sillers)
06 Search And Destroy (Nowell Rhys Felber, Anton Wilhelm Leeb)
07 Heat Of The Sun (Sillers, Shepherd, Selby)
08 Talk To Me Baby (Elmore James)
09 Born With A Broken Heart (Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Danny Tate)
10 Come On Over (Shepherd, Sillers, Selby)
11 Woke Up This Morning(Riley B. King, Jules Taub)
12 You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now (Joe Bihari, Riley B. King)
13 Shotgun Blues (Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Noah Hunt)
14 While We Cry(Kenny Wayne Shepherd)
15 crowd / band intro
16 Blue On Black (Shepherd, Selby, Sillers)
17 I'm A King Bee (James H. Moore)
18 Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (Jimi Hendrix)
19 Oh Well (Peter A. Green)


PART 1        PART 2

PART 1        PART 2

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