January 1, 2017

RIPPIN FROG TOP 10 2016 releases

This time of year again! 
Here is my top albums of 2016:

10   Darius Jackson - Darius Jackson (2016)
09  Big Bill Morganfield - Bloodstains On The Wall (2016)  2016
08  The Smoke Wagon Blues Band  2016  Canada
07   The Magic Bones - Shake Your Bones (2016) Italy
06  Elliott & The Untouchables - Bloodhound (2016) 
05  Ana Popovic   Trilogy  2016
04    Alabama Lovesnakes   Everybody's Gotta Go (2016) SW  
 03   The Knickerbocker All-Stars - Texas Rhody Blues  2016
02 Paul Personne   Lost In Paris Blues Band  
01  Foreday Riders    Herding Cats   (2016) OZ 

 any of those
 could be my #1 !


Didier Leman said...

As a belgian guy living in France for quite a long time, I appreciate the mention of Paul Personne's latest cd in the TOP 10 of 2016. Thanks for him, he deserves it !

I'll get back soon with my selection of 2016 top selection. :)

Derek from Paris,

Didier Leman said...

Let's try :
1: Hubert Felix THIEFAIANE Vixi Tour XVII, a most extraordinary live CD + DVD, worth discovering all over the world.
2 : SANTANA IV live at the house of blues, nice collection of latin rythms,
3 : Joe BONAMASSA LIVE KASSEL 2016, just because Soundaboard is the best place to discover music,
4 : The Nits HOTEL EUROPA, because this band created the best live album ever : URK.
5 : Keith Emerson / Greg Lake LIVE FROM MANTICORE HALL, because both are playing with the angels now !

Rippin Frog said...

derek: Paul is great stuff !
this album is excellent to me probably his best !

Didier Leman said...

Well...then... convinced... up in the Amazon.fr basket for the next order
Derek from Paris

Rippin Frog said...

Im sure you will enjoy this one