August 10, 2015

DOUBLE DECKER: PAUL BUTTERFIELD Live at the Record Plant, Sausalito, CA; December 30, 1973. Live in Helsinki 1969

Who said white boys can't get the Blues?

Sausalito 1973
Live at the Record Plant, Sausalito, CA; December 30, 1973. Very good radio broadcast; slight hiss. Plus bonus tracks.

The blues has long been associated with heartache and heartbreak and currently provides a poignant soundtrack to the sufferings in the world - from the oppressed people in the Middle East to the victims of natural disasters in New Zealand, China and Japan (and as history professor Gary Leupp wrote in our cover story this week, even man-made ones in Japan).

At the same time, there is a yearning and energy in these tracks that, hopefully, they will provide comfort, solace and encouragement to someone, somewhere.

From the mid-’60s to the early ’70s, the late harmonica player and vocalist, seen by some as “the American musician most responsible for introducing urban blues to rock audiences”, had entertained fans with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band but in 1973, he disbanded his band (basically trimmed off the horn section) and formed Better Days.

“It was definitely an adventurous band for the time,” (Amos) Garrett recalls. “It was definitely the furthest Paul ever got away from the Midwest, Chicago harmonica or horn band sound. That band was a very unique rhythm & blues band. It incorporated blues influences of Paul’s, but it had an acoustic, Delta influence of Geoffrey’s (Muldaur) and a heavy New Orleans feel from Ronnie (Barron). My playing was just so strange; it kind of fit in everywhere, in every context. Plus the fact it had four vocalists. And everything was a group decision in terms of material, but we leaned toward new songs. We loved Bobby’s (Charles) writing in particular.”


Track 01. Intro
Track 02. Walkin’ Blues
Track 03. Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It
Track 04. Broke My Baby’s Heart
Track 05. Done a Lot of Wrong Things
Track 06. Piano intro
Track 07. He’s Got All the Whiskey
Track 08. It All Comes Back (fixed - thanks to 2yrsnojob)
Track 09. Down at the Bottom
Track 10. Too Many Drivers

Bonus; with Geoff Muldaur and Amos Garrett in the band
Track 11. Piano Intro
Track 12. He’s Got All the Whiskey
Track 13. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Track 14. Please Send Me Somebody To Love Paul Butterfield’s Better Days band included Amos Garrett (guitar), Geoff (guitar) and Maria Muldaur, Ronnie Barron (keyboards), Billy Rich (bass) and Chris Parker (drums)

Paul Butterfield Band - Live in Helsinki 1969

Live at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki
January 14th, 1969


01 Tuning - Intro
02 One More Heartache
03 I've Got A Mind To Give Up Living
04 unknown title
05 Losing Hand
06 C.C. Rider
07 In My Own Dream
08 unknown title
09 Tollin' Bells

Paul Butterfield (vocals, harmonica, guitar)
Buzzy Feiten (guitar, piano, vocals)
Philip Wilson (drums, vocals)
Freddie Beckmeier (bass)
Gene Dinwiddie (tenor sax, flute, mandolin, vocals)
Keith Johnson (trumpet)
David Sanborn (alto sax)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. The '69 band is basically the one that played at Woodstock 8 months later. Featured a young David Sanborn.