February 20, 2015

Styx - Winterland Arena, San Francisco 1976

Styx recorded during the Equinox Tour '76 on a show at the Winterland, the emblematic arena in San Francisco that saw it's name on several live albums.
The band is in top form but this recording could use some mastering, the sound although clean is quite dry and poor at lower frequencies.

Sound Quality: 9

Source: Soundboard

Track List:
1 - Born For Adventure
2 - 22 Years
3 - Lorelei
4 - You Need Love
5 - Suite Madame Blue
6 - Lady
7 - Midnight Ride
8 - Light Up



Anonymous said...

"the sound although clean is quite dry and poor at lower frequencies"

but still rated a 9? I'd really like to know what your rating system is based on as most of the recordings here should barely deserve a 7, at most.

AtticRock said...

I don't think you are aware that this blog is purely dedicated to unofficial recordings. If you see a 10 here then you can compare it to official stuff. I would only give a 7 to a medium/bad audience recording for example...
This rating system is only based on my opinion, but everyone is welcome to share theirs as you did.

zeppelin59 said...

Any info on source lineage etc?

AtticRock said...

It's supposedly from a soundboard recording.

Anonymous said...

i am totally aware that this site features unofficial bootlegs as is anyone and everyone that has ever came here, but to rate most of these albums just about anything better than a 7 is a disgrace! to actually burn most of them and play them on anything close to a decent stereo sounds like absolute crap!

AtticRock said...

I wrote "unofficial recordings" and that is what this blog shares. It is not the same as bootlegs, which btw are by its nature always unofficial:)
You have to find a system that enables you to listen before burning CDs... how about using headphones or connecting the computer's audio outputs to a sound system?
You're complaining about a blog that shares only FM or soundboard recordings, I can't imagine your reaction on audience sourced music.

Mat Brewster said...

I love it when people complain. Its free music! If they don't like it, why are they here?

Anonymous said...

i do and can listen to this stuff before burning them and they almost sound tolerable on some inadequate equipment like that, but i can't stand listening through headphones as that is not how music is intended to be heard, IMO, and yes, i have some very decent headphones too.

as far as audience sourced recordings, i wouldn't even attempt that!