June 3, 2014

The Yardbirds - Stockholm 1967

Same place, same year, but now... The Yardbirds.
Recorded on April 4 from the Swedish radio what we have here is a powerful band with an impressive sound for the era.

Sound Quality: 9

Source:  FM Broadcast

Track List:  
01 - Shapes of Things
02 - Heart Full of Soul
03 - You're a Better Man Than I
04 - Most Likely You'll Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine
05 - Over Under Sideways Down
06 - Little Games
07 - My Baby
08 - I'm a Man

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FLAC - mirror


Anonymous said...

thnks !!! more yardbirds always welcome !1
Rippin Frog

Aldoux said...

I'm a huge Yardbirds fan, with a good management and better studio production they could have been the greatest Roock band ever. I'm sure I'll enjoy this. Thanks a lot for sharing. Greetins from Caracas, Venezuela...

Anonymous said...

Thanks! this is great. I enjoyed the Traffic post also. Any chance that you might have the Moby Grape Broadcast from the Swedish radio?

drogos said...

Yes great to have a Yardbirds show with a good sound. Many thanks for sharing and congratulations for the work you do for this blog.
Best regards from West of France,

AtticRock said...

Hi and thanks for your support.
I don't have the Moby Grape show.

BÖCido said...

Hi... tnks for share !

Do you have 'golden eggs' ??

AtticRock said...

I don't have it.

Christopher Newman said...

Thanks so much for the Yardbirds. Awesome band I've listened to this several times already, just great! Great blog, love this blog as well!