June 29, 2014

Rory Gallagher - Alternate BBC Sessions 1971-1977

These Rory Gallagher Alternate BBC Sessions comprise recordings not officially released made along the seventies, being the majority from 1971 to 1973.

Sound Quality: 9.5 (although issues on some tracks liken CD ripping errors)

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:
 - Disc 1 -
8/12/71 Paris Theater, London:
01.Maybe I Will
02.I Could've Had Religion
03.Crest of a Wave        
04.Messin' with the Kid
1/7/72 BBC:
05.Tore Down
06.Used To Be
07.Hoodoo Man
08.Pistol Slapper Blues
09.The Cuckoo
10.Going to my Hometown
11.In Your Town  

 - Disc 2 -
01.Bullfrog Blues
7/10/72 Bob Harris Show:
02.I Could've Had Religion
03.Messin' with the Kid
04.The Cuckoo
2/5/73 Tommy Vance Show:
05.a.Walk on Hot Coals
05.b.Banker's Blues
2/21/73 Saturday Rock Show:
05.Unmilitary Two Step
06.If I Had a Reason      
5/12/73 Saturday Rock Show:
07.Tattoo'd Lady  
08.Cradle Rock
09.A Million Miles Away
6/20/74 Bob Harris Show:
10.Tattoo'd Lady            
11.Messin' with the Kid
8/19/77 N. Horne Show
14.I Will Take What I Want

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MP3 pt2
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FLAC d2 pt2

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