June 7, 2012

Recent Re Uploads

A reminder for some recent re uploads, particularly a Blue Oyster Cult video recording that was originally shared on our second anniversary, three years ago and now is available again:

Blue Oyster Cult - Hollywood 1981 (DVD)

AC/DC:  Arizona 2000
Dickey Betts Band - Lone Star Roadhouse 1988
Albert King - Soquel, California 1989
Neil Young and Crazy Horse - The Catalyst, Santa Cruz (1984)
Rory Gallagher: Reading 1980
Iron Maiden: Tokyo 1981
Dan Baird - The Lone Star Roadhouse (1993)
Roxy Music - Oakland Auditorium 1979

Remember that recent re-posts are always updated here:


Chti73 said...


Hi AtticRock !

I come to you because I'm looking for MC5 good bootlegs and I see none here ...

Is there any chance you can share some of them here ?

I think you'll be pleased my friendly blogger JP, who's sharing
MC5 - The Big Bang ! ~ The Best Of The MC5

HERE: http://goo.gl/HK8KU

Thanks for helping as possible ;-)

AtticRock said...

Hi Chti73, probably because of their short career I only know one interesting show and still have my doubts if it was released or not on an obscure label as happened with some recordings of the MC5.