March 10, 2012

Black Sabbath - Karlshamn Rock Festival, Sweden (1995)

This one is an excellent FM recording from June 1995 at the Karlshamn Rock Festival in Sweden, now known as Sweden Rock.
From the classic Sabbath only Tony Iommi but with great company on stage: Tony Martin, Cozy Powell, Geoff Nichols and Neil Murray.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Source: FM Broadcast

Track List:

01 - DJ Introduction
02 - Neon Knights
03 - The Shining
04 - The Wizard
05 - War Pigs
06 - The Headless Cross
07 - Tony Iommi solo
08 - Rusty Angels
09 - I Won't Cry For You
10 - The Mob Rules
11 - Black Sabbath
12 - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath



Anonymous said...

Great post, thank you very much, but there is less than the half of the concert in the flac link.

Cameleone Rock said...

Hello Attic, how are you guy?

This boot has very good sound, probably, better than Cross Purposes Live, released at the same year.

Thanks a lot for one more historic document shared with us!!

Abraços from Brazil!

AtticRock said...

The mirror link is ok now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload. Too bad the original broadcast fades out Sabbath Bloody Sabbath :(

JR said...

Thank you for this great show !

e.v.a.18 said...

re-up again please

AtticRock said...

New links for Sabbath '95

Anonymous said...

It is strange it does not detect being clicked on but the page itself is live just the download buttons are non functional. A reup would be nice if you could

AtticRock said...

The deposit files are still working!