May 3, 2008

Rory Gallagher - Kansas City 1974

Are you ready for a guitar fest?
More than 2 and a half hours of the finest Rory live at the Cowtown Ballroom in Kansas City.
The sound is very good considering this was recorded about 34 years ago! Still some distortion and some minor cuts here and there but nothing too serious :)

Sound Quality: 9

Source: FM Broadcast/Tape

Track List:

Disc 1
1 - Messin' With The Kid
2 - Cradle Rock/ Just a Little Bit
3 - I Wonder Who
4 - Tattoo'd Lady
5 - Walk On Hot Coals
6 - A Million Miles Away

Disc 2
1 - Hands Off
2 - Laundromat
3 - Handy Man
4 - Too Much Alcohol
5 - Pistol Slapper Blues

Disc 3
1 - Goin' To My Hometown
2 - Who's That Coming
3 - Bullfrog Blues
4 - DJ talk-Applause
5 - Livin' Like A Trucker

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


Anonymous said...

Nice post. Rory is so much better live than in the studio. I was wondering which sites you are a member of? Always looking for new sources! Oh & have you seen the recently unearthed French BOC footage? It's just a short edited snippet from a 1975 show.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Rory is so much better live than in the studio. I was wondering which sites you are a member of? Always looking for new sources! Oh & have you seen the recently unearthed French BOC footage? It's just a short edited snippet from a 1975 show.
Titus (forgot to sign)

Toxxy said...

D*mn I'm looking forward to hear this show...MUST be brilliant, I'm sure it is! Thx a lot for posting it AtticRock!

Anonymous said...

What toxxy said. I've heard many Rory boots, but never this one and I can hardly wait.

I was fortunate enough to see Rory live a few times and I can vouch for the fact that he always put on a hell of an exciting show that was based entirely on craftsmanship and excellent musicianship, a beat-up strat, blue jeans and a chequered shirt and a total lack of pretentiousness - as opposed to the arrogance, smoke, mirrors, lasers, volume and tons bullshit special fx that so many pretenders out there depend upon. He was one of the truly great ones.

Cheers AtticRock!


AtticRock said...

Thanks for all your comments, this show is a real treat, no one will be disappointed except maybe for the sound.
This and most of the music that I put here is found in places like Dime, TTD, Zomb, Tapecity, etc. btw didn't catch that BOC footage in any of this places Titus.

Anonymous said...

All the same places as me then.
The BOC clip is on Dime.
1. The audio is poor
2. The picture is poor
3. Betcha don't delete it!

It's just two fragments of 'Stairway to the Stars' & 'Born to be Wild'
I hear the French TV company have more of the concert in the vaults & may get around to digitalizing it eventually. Here's hoping.
Also if you haven't seen it - the 'Mountainside' DVD is great. That's on Dime too.
I'm quite new to Dime & so I am going mad on there at the moment.
Happy bloggin'

AtticRock said...

I visit dime everyday, I don't know how i missed it... on the other hand the place has so many things it's hard not to miss something...
I also get stuff at DC hubs but I won't share their addresses here, if you want send me an email.

Anonymous said...

I'm aware of DC hub but have always been put off by the rules. I hear you have to have 10GB of stuff constantly available or something like that - I can't remember now. When I was invited to join I asked if I had to wear a tie! My humour was not well received. I'll leave that one for now. Just got some nice footage of The Tubes from Dime. Do you like them? BTW how about Demonoid? Not strictly a bootleg site but still has lots of good/rare stuff.

Scion said...

Rory in the studio was awesome, especially in the TASTE days.

His first two solo albums, Tattoo, Against the Grain, and Calling Card are also excellent examples of Rory's use of the sonority of the studio and being able to interact well with his band.

Let's just say live he was a different animal - almost always putting on a very energetic and entertaining show. It showed a different side of him, but that doesn't mean it was 'better' than the studio sides.

One example of a song that was never caught on tape live as well as the studio version is "Sugar Mama." That was one of his supreme moments of artistry.

Anonymous said...

Hello 'cRock
Hey scion,
I'm not putting down Rory's studio work. But as a casual fan I once asked around a few Rory buffs which were his best albums. 'The Irish Tour' came top for most people. I merely meant that if you are going to have one album by him, a live one would probably be best. Perhaps I overstated this in my earlier comment - 'twas, in retrospect, badly worded.

Back to work...
Here's some vintage Quo.
A radio broadcast from Sweden in 1971.
Not a full show but excellent anyway.
Far superior to that rubbish they did later.(Jeez, I'm not going to picked up on that by 'In the Army Now' fans am I?)
I was thinking of calling it
'Not in the Army Yet'
But settled on
'Dog of Three Head' 'cos I thought
that title had more bite.(ouch)
Keep on rockin'

Junior's Wailing
Someone's Learning
In My Chair
Roadhouse Blues

In wav. with covers.
D'ya wanna boogie?

JAJBlog said...

Hi mate,

Just a suggestion for improving a little bit your blog. Could you pelase indicate clearly in the title of your post the format of your materials (mp3, FLAC, shn) etc. This is really an important information. Thanks for your efforts.


Anonymous said...

When you click on the links the size of the file should indicate if it is mp3 or not. I am assuming you don't want mp3s. FLAC,SHN & wav are all as good as each other.
I usually indicate the format but AtticRock is not as nice as me.(only joking AR)

AtticRock said...

Hi Titus, I don't know much of The Tubes except for the live What Do You Want From which s great. I'm aware of demonoid but don't use it, there's another one called demons eye, more specialized in Hard/Heavy.
Rory live for me is 10x better than in the studio and I have about 7/8 of his studio albums (plus the live ones of course). And what I dislike the most is the sound of the studio records not the playing (always brilliant). Ok I forgot, I like the sound of On The Boards from Taste :)

Anonymous said...

great concert

the exact date is 74-03-24 (not august)

excellent review on

Chti73 said...


Hello !

Can I hope you'll re-up this fantastic show ?

All links are down ... :-(

Many thanks for the very good music you share with the world :-)

AtticRock said...


Chti73 said...

Hi AtticRock !

Many thanks for re-upping this jewel so fast.

I think my friendly blogger "JP" will enjoy it in the next days.

Have a nice week-end ;-)

Peter said...

It's saying that Parts 2 & 3 are now deleted. Peter (Sydney).

Peter said...

It's saying that Parts 2 & 3 are now deleted. Peter (Sydney).

AtticRock said...

Hi Peter, they are up again.

Anonymous said...

Quite strangely, 6 years after your post, I'm rediscovering this absolutely marvelous concert on my hard disk. Deserves really to be on cds next to the official concerts. A really really great concert.

Thanks for sharing,

Derek from Paris,