December 30, 2007

Golden Earring: Den Haag Netherlands 1989

Hello everybody i hope you've enjoyed Soundaboard so far, i want to welcome you in the last post of this year. I'm preparing a special one for the beginning of 2008, so until then and wishes of a fantastic and rocking 2008 for everyone!


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This is a live recording from part of the Golden Earring show at the Parkpop festival in June 1989. It is around 52 minutes long and was a FM rebroadcast in Dutch Radio2 in August 2007.
The image below that i found on the web is from Party In The Backyard, a release from a audience source that included the entire show (about 68 minutes).

Sound Quality: 9

Track List:
01 When The Lady Smiles
02 Distant Love
03 Weekend Love
04 Long Blond Animal
05 Turn The World Around
06 Can Do That
07 Twilight Zone
08 Radar Love
09 DJ Closing Comments



Toxxy said...

...and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too AtticRock :-)

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Anonymous said...

happy new one ! thank you for the music ! timo

kingpossum said...

Happy New Year, AtticRock. May you have much happiness and good health in 2008.

Thanks for making my 2007 fulfilling with all the great music you posted--and my favorite band Golden Earring no less to start the new year right!


AtticRock said...

Thank you all for the nice words :)

Anonymous said...

thank you attic,,may the best of 2007,,be the worst of 2008 for you

Anonymous said...

Can you make a new link of tis

AtticRock said...

New mp3 and flac links ready!

Anonymous said...

this needs a reup if possible
- thanks ;-)

AtticRock said...

The MP3 is working now.