November 10, 2007

Rory Gallagher: New York 1976

A FM Broadcast with some tape hiss but to compensate Rory's guitar playing is as always electrifying. Live at The Bottom Line in New York during his 1976 American tour,.
Note: the last track is interrupted in the last seconds by the radio DJ.

Sound Quality: 9

Track List:
1. I Take What I Want
2. Messin' With The Kid
3. Too Much Alcohol
4. Out On The Western Plain
5. Ain't Too Good
6. Walk On Hot Coals
7. Tattoo'd Lady
8. Bullfrog Blues (cut)



Toxxy said...

You sure know what I like AtticRock :-) He-he! Thx for yet another great share!


Please update us in your "Blogroll".

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AtticRock said...

Hi toxxy

Hope you have better luck with the new blog.
Of course i will be a regular there, unless it turns to be a hip-hop or rap blog hehe :)

Toxxy said...

Always nice to "meet" someone with a good sense of humor :-)

Cheers buddy!