November 20, 2007

Rory Gallagher: Bonn, Germany 1992

I never get tired of hearing Rory Gallagher live, here's another brilliant show including some covers from some classic songs.
A FM radio broadcast recording from a concert on a blues festival in Germany called Bonn Blues Festival.

Sound Quality: 9.5

Track List:
Disc 1
01 Continental OP
02 Moonchild
03 I Wonder Who
04 The Loop
05 Off The Handle
06 Tattoo´d Lady

Disc 2:
01 Shadow Play
02 Don´t Start Me Talkin´
03 Revolution
04 Dust My Broom
05 Messin´ With The Kid
06 Just Like A Woman



Toxxy said...

Totally BRILLIANT POST AtticRock!! Rory live is just...something I need minimum on a weekly basis for 2-3 hours at a time. His guitar-playing along with his vocals simply moves me, touches the inside of me in a very special way, something very few musicians/bands do to me (Neil Young and Ramones, yes...RAMONES!, also does it).

I got LOADS of EXCELLENT Rory live shows, mainly thanks to the GREAT poster PG (plasticgeorge) over at Groovy Fab forum. This one you're posting now, I haven't heard and I'm looking so much forward to hearing it :-)

AtticRock, you're a man of impeccable music taste and I and many others are d*mn lucky you choose to share this great wealth of music with us. THANK YOU :-)


Anonymous said...


Um grande post,sem dúvida.Rory Gallagher dispensa apresentações....PARA OUVIR NO MÁXIMO!!!
Um grande abraço,Miguel.

wolfsbane said...

Soundaboard, can you email me, I would like to exchange links with you

AtticRock said...

Toxxy all i can say is... thank you. The work this involves is highly rewarded with comments like yours.
I have a lot of Rory's albums on CD and LP and the ones i prefer are the live recordings. I also like Neil Young but not that much The Ramones hehe.
Miguel obrigado pelos comentários e pela presença assídua, isto sem comunicação de parte-a-parte não teria graça nenhuma.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this concert,very nice
correct date 12/13/1992

Anonymous said...

thanks for this concert,very nice
correct date 12/13/1992

Rory said...

Thank you very much. Some great and moving music here. The last half hour of this show is just amazing...well, it's all good but that last part is something special.

Anonymous said...

top, thanks!

Anonymous said...

The quality is excellent but it hurts to hear Rory like this.
At this point in the early 90's he was still among the greatest but his bad health was sure affecting his performence :( This recording is weak compaired to the shows of the 70's.
But anyway, as a fan and guitar player myself I always enjoy listening to Rory! He was and will always be the best guitarist and performer ever!