March 15, 2007

Portuguese Nuggets Vol.1 Beat Surf And Garage Rock

Something different today, this is a vinyl-rip from a very rare edition of a compilation of Portuguese bands from the sixties. Featuring groups as Os Tartaros, Os Morgans, Conjunto Ruy Manuel, Daniel Bacelar, Pop Five Music Incorporated, Sheiks and many others.
Only 500 copies were made for worldwide distribution including 150 in Portugal!
These links were brought here by a friend: kikas
Thanks Man!

Part 1
Part 2


Anonymous said...

Great music, great site.
Thanks for this post. This one of the best comps I have listened to, one of the best so far. Anymore?

AtticRock said...

Thank you for the compliments.
I have to ask Kikas that brought me this if he already has vol.2

vlaastah said...

Please a new link